Garden Rejuvenation

Garden maintenance and yard constructions are closely tied with the design gardens and right plant selection.

Almost every meeting with garden owners we start with analyzing strong and weak areas, we recommend a plan for improvement.
For many gardens we do the drawings, showing how garden will look in next couple months.
We provide two choices of best selection for designated areas, reflecting client’s interests.

The quotes are detailed with prices of plants and services.

List of recommended products have descriptions, such period of blooming, attractiveness and mature sizes of perennials and shrubs.
Our specialty is deer/ hare resistant plants and methods to protect the gardens from wild animal damage.
Over 20 years working in horticulture and dendrology fields, dealing with harsh Canadian climate, zone 2 brought up the list of trustful, selected plants, shrubs, trees and grasses that always work well.

For sure, the landscape and garden ideas come from previous experience and studies.

Thinking how much time and physical affords could be saved in garden cleanups, we like to create low maintenance gardens-xeriscapes, where native plants, drought-resistant shrubs, mulching techniques, minimizing pesticide and fertilizer applications are in professional focus.

Just need to design properly!

We Offer

  • Private gardener & experienced horticultural technician
  • Maintenance and garden rejuvenation program on a contract basis
  • Design and re-organizing outdoor areas.

  • Seasonal decoration with annual plants and Christmas containers
  • Consultations for plant and tree selection
  • Weed control, lawn service, hedge trimming

Some examples of our work


Some examples of our work